College Ministry Team


College Preparation works with parents and students to understand the process of college readiness. We provide insights regarding financial aid, understanding the different types of colleges, and guidance to access college resources. We accomplish this by engaging in interactive workshops with both parents and students. Workshop topics include: 

Financial Aid which covers anything related to paying for college, such as federal and private loans, grants, and scholarships.

Types of Colleges providing understanding of the benefits of community colleges, state and private colleges or universities.



The Baccalaureate ceremony honors graduating students from middle school, high school, tech school, trade school and college. In the ceremony, Laureates and Graduates wear their cap and gown. The ceremony embraces lively expressions of thanksgiving, includes music, motivational speakers and spiritual readings. The event gives students a time to reflect on how God’s faithfulness helped them through this part of their educational journey. Each is draped with a Center of Praise Honor Stole and are prayed for as they embark on the next part of their journey. (Details are specific to that time when we can gather at the Cathedral.  We will celebrate this year with an online ceremony celebrating our graduates.)


The College Relations program supports students attending a college or university at least 350 miles away. Students are provided personal support throughout the year that includes spiritual guidance, motivational sessions, and receiving care packages.

If you are heading off to college this year, email  today to connect with the team.


Scholarships are awarded to COP Members who are first-year and continuing college students. Applicants provide an essay, their current transcript and letter of recommendation.  Scholarship opportunities will reopen in 2021.

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