In-Person Celebration Guidelines

The Center of Praise Ministries leadership team and church family is committed to the health and wellbeing of all individuals that choose to attend our in-person celebrations. We are following the Center of Disease Control (CDC), state, and Sacramento county guidelines regarding the mitigation of the COVID-19 virus and its Delta variant. Therefore, the following guidelines are being followed:

 We ask that anyone experiencing symptoms of illness, please do NOT attend the in-person gatherings. We offer online celebrations on Facebook, YouTube, and our church website (

  1. Currently, we are asking that only vaccinated individuals attend the in-person celebrations. This is for the safety of those that have not been vaccinated and also our children that are onsite.
  2. Masks or face coverings are REQUIRED (Excluding those with prohibiting medical conditions).
  3. Children are required to wear masks at the OmniFactory Children’s Ministry and Youth programs.
  4. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the worship auditoriums.
  5. We practice safe greeting (Hand on chest and bowing, fist and elbow bumps).
  6. Temperature readers are located within the foyers of the Legacy Sanctuary and the Cathedral for self-checks upon entry.
  7. First Responding Team members are present at each celebration.
  8. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to celebration to acquire ample parking and comfortable seating.

 Date of issue:  August 5, 2021

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