There are several free parking lots available to Center of Praise Ministries during our Sunday celebrations.  These lots are within 2 blocks of both the Cathedral and the Legacy Center.  The map below identifies each of the free parking lots available to us on Sundays.


  • Legacy Center, entrance on 23rd St near L St
  • Parking Lot 1, Liestal Alley (Sundays only) entrance from 23rd St and 24th St
  • Cathedral, entrance on Capitol Avenue near 23rd St
  • Parking Lot 2, Dental Offices (Sundays only) entrances at 22nd St and Liestal Alley
  • YAC, Matsui Alley (Sundays only), entrance from 21st St and 22nd St
  • Parking Lot 5, Chase Bank (Sundays only) entrance 21st St at Matsui Alley

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